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29th Jan 2010 clhzbvwzsz ci941I <a href="">nszpveyreswi</a>, [url=]yjkulvoodvis[/url], [link=]bgwywdhsmjir[/link],

17th Oct 2007 Angel Quite often a little frog hops into our garden. I have named him Fred!

14th Aug 2007 Orange and apple I love your web site

19th Jul 2007 karen wimhurst We reared tadpoles this year. Great fun watching them though it took quite a stint of wasshing out containers, replacing weed, lovingly seperating them out according to developmental stages (apparently the tadpoles prey on their seniors when the get slower developing leglets)/ At the end of it we realised we had nowhere to put them so the family engaged in a pond building seesion. One big hole, ledges around it, liner inside. My son.s friends all turned up for the digging lark. We put liners for hanging baskets , draped over the edges,and held in place by large stones to allow seeds to catch in them and grow. These have been a real success. At the front we turfed the edges and then put over a wooden trellis to avoid little ones falling in. It was a great day creating this pond (it's a very small one by the way!!). But the best thing is we've aquired a massive frog and toad population as a result. They came out of nowhere to join the baby ones we'd reared. Dragonflies, water's fab. Well worth it.

19th Jul 2007 Nicky We would love to have frogs in our garden as they are so good at dealing with slugs organically. We have tried to encourage them in by providing a makeshift pond in a large old Le Cresuet casserole dish which has been pensioned out from kitchen duties. We made it attractive by putting pebbles of different sizes beside it to made access easy and a piece if wood at a shallow angle inside to make a nice slope in and out of the water, but so far no-one has taken up residence.

19th Jul 2007 Georgie We found a frog in our garden last week too - or at least saw one. My daughter and I were looking out of the top floor when she saw it jumping down the path. (We don't have a pond so it was a bit of a surprise especially as last time we saw one was about four years ago in the outside drain) We raced downstairs to try and get up close, but it leapt into the bushes and all we could hear was its little breathy croaks. Lovely though!

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