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The Best Hot Chocolate

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Date Display Name Comment
29th Jan 2010 hmfpddddn sFGy8a <a href="">xmkwvuxukjzc</a>, [url=]ejlyrrafpujl[/url], [link=]eotonhjpkurs[/link],

29th Apr 2008 emma Cool Blog. Do you remember if it was the Spanish Chocolate we tried when we came round recently? It was really nice and I'd like to get it. It's nothing special, but some of the best hot chocolates I have are from Costa Coffee!

10th Feb 2008 Robert Ghirardelli has a shop in San Francisco with a chocolate theme. Right down on the wharf. It's like a Disney store but with chocolate! has a picture. We buy it all the time!

10th Feb 2008 Robert Ghirardelli double chocolate hot chocolate is dangerous. 1 spoon MAX! 2 spoons=sugar high! It's amazing!

22nd Jan 2008 Tamsin Candy, what a fab idea, I think I will do that for Carla's birthday that is coming up soon. I know what she would like to taste - chocolate!

20th Jan 2008 Candy Every year on my sister's birthday, we play her favourite game- food tasters. This is great fun, with all the family playing apart from mum. she's the one that chooses the food we taste, So it's a surprise to us. We are blindfolded and mum feeds us on a fork the food she's chosen. One year it was cakes, another chocolates. But last year, she bought fruits and we had guess which was which. Skye was blindfolded first, and mum put a lemon on the fork! Skye hates lemons, so when it was put into her mouth she screamed, she was so shocked by the sudden sour taste! I could tell what most of the fruits were, except for a kiwi fruit - it was sour too.

20th Jan 2008 Tamsin Julie. Thanks for your comments. I have delicious memories of breakfasting on thick spanish hot chocolate with choros to dip in. A naughty start to the day but very comforting. I found the Ghirardelli chocolate in a fabulous deli that is attached to a fab department store in Holt, Norfolk. They have a website, but did not seem to sell the Ghirardelli on line. It is definately worth giving them a call though to get you one step nearer your frappacino. Good Luck

19th Jan 2008 Julie Interesting to read your tale. We used to blind taste all sorts of things as a family of 6. Tesco's own brand organic greek yoghurt beating Yeo Valley and Rachel's Dairy, for instance. Two other things: I'm keen to know where you got Ghirardelli cocoa. They make a superb moccha frappacino to drink iced in summer that used to be available in only Fortnum's and Howells of Cardiff. Sadly neither store stocks it any longer and they've both failed to find me an importer.Secondly, Cola Cao and Valor are great spanish hot chocolates that we all love. One of my hobbies is tasting hot chocolate around the world, so if you're ever in Krakow in winter, try the African coffee shop, an ancient traditional coffee house, that does one of the finest thick chocolates anywhere. Closer to home is Ultracomida in Narberth, Pembrokeshire, where the hot chocolates never disappoint. Enjoy. Julie.

14th Jan 2008 Nicky We love doing family tasting sessions like this. One question about yours - did you do it "blind" - i.e. without anyone being able to tell which brand they were trying? We find that it is very easy to be influenced by the packaging and what you think the result is going to be. Sometimes we get serious and do the tests blindfold, so that you really can't tell what it is by looking and have to rely on your tastebuds alone. This is a fun thing to do with kids, and it is surprising how often the brands they think they really like don't come out on top. Another thing we've noticed is how influenced people are by the opinion of others. Once someone has said "Yuk" about something, it is very hard for that product to do well with other people. When we are really serious, we do the tests blindfold and with silent marking and then reveal all the results at the end.

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