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A funny word game using words that sound the same but have different meanings.

Choose someone as 'It': that person leaves the room. Everyone who's left decides on two words that sound identical but have different meanings: eg 'ball' and 'bawl'.
The person comes back into the room, and has to ask questions to discover which words have been chosen. Every person who's asked has to use one of the chosen words in their reply, but substituting 'coffeepot' for the word.
For example:
'It' asks: 'Do you like school?'
The player replies: 'I did, until the teacher told me off for chucking a coffeepot.'
Then 'It' asks: 'When did you last do this thing?'
The player replies: 'Oh, last week I spent two days coffeepotting after the dog ate my bear.'
And so on until the person guesses the words.