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Fairy, Elf and Sylvanian Houses

Adults love striding out on walks, getting to the next sight or interesting spot. But kids like a different kind of pace, they need to be engaged by things to see and do along the way.

To make things fun for them, build some play stops into your walks: let them run off and make a fairy or elf house in the nook of a tree or in a safe spot beside a stream. (If we're honest, we find this really good fun too - must be our interior designer manqué coming to the fore.)

Line the house with moss and flowers, and be creative with what you find: make twig chairs, stone tables and a bark bed, pictures and carpets, bookshelves and fireplaces from flowers, sticks and stones. And if you remember to take some mini-figures such as Sylvanian families or farmyard animals in your backpack, the children can have a really exciting play.