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Beach Rounders

Always a goodie because it gets everyone involved and running round like mad hens. All you need is a rounders (or similar) bat and tennis ball. This version works when there aren't enough people to make two proper teams.

How to play:
Lay out a rounders court with four bases much smaller than the usual size (about the size of a large room). One person is the hitter, one person is the bowler, all the others are fielders. Each person takes it in turns to bat.

To score a rounder, the bowler throws the ball to between knee and shoulder height of the hitter. The hitter strikes the ball, then has to run all the way around the court in one go. If they succeed, they score a rounder and have another go at batting. They can also carry on running to try to score another rounder if they think they have time.

However, if they are run out (by the ball touching the base they are running to) or if the bowler gets possession of the ball before they finish their rounder, they are out and become a fielder again. Everyone keeps their own score.