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Sand Traps

This provokes a primitive kind of St Trinians-esque joy in the perpetrator and is a great trick to play on your brother, sister, mother, father... You need sand that's not too dry and powdery so British beaches are ideal.

Start by digging a hole about 30cm wide and 30cm deep. Then from the base of the hole, carefully dig sideways about another 30cm to one side to create a cave - the thinner you can make the roof the better (we usually do it to about 10cm but it depends on the sand). Beware you don't over do it or it will cave in.

When you've excavated as much as you dare, start to fill in the original hole using one hand to stop the sand spilling into the cave. You'll be left with a small hand size hole that you can fill with a sand snow ball. Sprinkle sand over the area to cover your tracks and then lure your prey into the trap.


NB: It is not kind to play this trick on anyone over the age of 50 or who had recently broken a lower limb!