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Drip Castles and Sand Sculptures

You can make fantastically creative shapes and sculptures out of wet sand.

Drip castles are easy even for the smallest children. Get a handful of wet sand and let it drop through your fingers, dribbling to make a weird and wonderful cone-shaped pile on the sand below. Drip lots of these castles together to create your own towering Gormenghast city-scape.

Or try a giant beach sculpture - a mermaid, boat, car, giant ice-cream cone, crab, shark, octopus, whatever takes your fancy. You need wet sand so set up a site near the sea (make sure the tide is not coming in). Together push the sand into the outline shape then smooth it down with your hands.

It takes a while and much careful sculpting, but the results are spectacular. Use sticks to carve fish scales and other detail, then decorate with shells, seaweed, feathers and stones.