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Scrub the Decks

This is easily the best warm-up game if you’re freezing after a dip in the sea.

Draw a boat outline on the sand as big as a house. Mark the bow (front), stern (back), port (left) and starboard (right).

Then choose a captain who’ll give the orders. S/he shouts out: ‘Port’ and everyone runs to the left of the boat; ‘Bow’ and everyone runs to the front, and so on.

Some other commands to try:

'Scrub the decks’ – drop to your knees and start scrubbing.
‘Up periscope’ – lie on your back with one leg in the air.
‘Captain’s coming’ – salute and say ‘Aye, aye, captain’.
‘Crow’s nest’ – pair up and the lightest climbs on the other’s back.
‘Hit the deck’ – lie on your tummy.
‘Man the lifeboats’ – get into group of three, sit down and start rowing.

Make up your own commands for 'Man overboard', 'Walk the plank', etc...

Take turns to be captain so everyone gets a go being in charge.