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Halloween Lanterns

Take these decorative night lanterns trick or treating to light your way, or put them outside your front door or in a window to let the Halloweeners know you’re home. You’ll need to save up a few old tin cans, big and small.

You’ll need:

Old tin cans

Hammer and nail or awl

Metal enamel paint (optional)

Metal wire

Night lights or tea candles

Canes and hooks to carry the lanterns (optional)

Fill the cleaned cans with water and put them in the freezer. When they’re frozen, take them out and punch small holes around the sides of the tin with a hammer and awl or long nail. You can design patterns or faces, or carve out your names in each one. The bigger the holes, the brighter the lantern will be. If you want to hang the lantern, cut two holes at opposite sides just below the top rim.

 When you’re happy with your design, empty out the ice and dry – you can add a coast of enamel paint (choose one suitable for use on metal) to the outside if you like.

To hang, thread some metal wire through to make a loop. You can carry the lanterns using a cane or stick with a small hook at the end.

Put a small candle inside each lantern, sticking it to the bottom of the can with melted wax. Or if you prefer, you can put a small night light inside.