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Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here...

Invite the older kids into a spooky dark space (the garden shed, under a creaky old tree in the park) to hear a gory story, and raise the spine-chill factor with a few well-chosen props.

For example, welcome listeners with a deathly handshake (a rubber glove filled with cold water), then tell a tale of horror and bloody gore, passing round the dead person’s eyes (peeled grapes), lungs (uncooked bread dough); intestines (a pile of slimy horsetail seaweed or uncooked sausages); fingernails (fine carvings of dried coconut); brain (thick cold porridge in a plastic sac). They can take a sip of warm blood (a phial of coloured glycerine) and so on. Add in sound effects for extra atmosphere – the headless horseman galloping by (half coconut shells); gunshots (burst balloons); creaking or slamming doors (vocals). You soon get the hang of it…