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Halloween Divination Games

Halloween was traditionally a night when the spirit world was thought to be especially close to the everyday world. People used to divine their fortunes from apples and nuts, and find out whom they were going to marry. Here are five divination games your children might like to try.

1 Peel an apple in one long strand, twirl it three times round your head, then throw it over your left shoulder. The letter formed on the floor will show the initial of your future spouse.

2 Whoever eats an apple in front of a mirror on Hallowe’en will see the image of their partner-to-be peering over their shoulder.

3 Place a small nut or apple pip in a fire – how they behave will indicate the temperament of your future partner. If they start spitting, crackling and jumping, you’re in for a lively time.

4 Hide an apple (or some say a sprig of rosemary or yew) under your pillow on Hallowe’en and you’ll dream of your partner-to-be.

5 Brush your hair in front of a mirror at midnight on Hallowe’en and the spooky sight of your husband-to-be will appear over your shoulder.