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Hunt the Pumpkin

A Hallowe’en party version of Hunt the Slipper that makes a good game for 8 or more children. Play with a pumpkin or squash small enough to pass easily from hand to hand.

Choose one person to be ‘it’, and ask them to stand in a corner. Everyone else sits in a circle with their legs out in front of them and their knees bent. With eyes closed, the person who’s ‘it’ counts aloud to 20. Meanwhile, the seated children pass the pumpkin amongst themselves under their legs. On reaching 20, the person who’s ‘it’ turns round and tries to discover who’s got the pumpkin. The other children keep passing it round, using distraction techniques and tricks to confuse and confound. The person who is ‘it’ can go inside the circle (though the children can pass the pumpkin behind their backs too). The object of the game is to find the person who has the pumpkin and touch them while they are holding it. As soon as that happens, the person who’s touched becomes ‘it’ and the pair swap places.