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Sweetie Spiders

The children love making these little sweet parcels for Hallowe’en trick or treaters.

You’ll need:
Cellophane (from supermarkets)
Small sweets such as Smarties or Jelly Beans
Double-sided sticky tape
Plastic googly eyes (from craft shops, or you can make your own, see below)
Black pipe cleaners (4 per spider)

Take a square of cellophane (enough to make a sweet packet slightly bigger than a table tennis ball) and put it in the palm of your hand. Place a handful of small sweets in the cellophane, and wrap round, twisting and sealing the bottom with a small piece of double-sided tape. With the tape, stick two googly plastic eyes on to the top of the head (you can make eyes by cutting a round shape out of white paper, then drawing a big black pupil in the middle).
To make the spider’s legs, twist 4 pipe cleaners together in the middle, making a flat base for the sweet packet to sit on. Spread out the 8 legs, making a bend at each ‘knee’ about two-thirds up, and flattening a little foot at the end so the spider can stand up. Stick a wrap of sweets in the middle of each spider with double-sided sticky tape, and push the legs around to hold tight.