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Teasel Hedgehogs

This cute little family of hedgehogs are so simple to make - just mind your fingers on the sharp spikes.

First you need to find some teasels. We picked ours on a walk near a river but you can also find them in meadows and fields, or buy them at florist shops. Small ones are best, and for our baby hedgehogs we used some other small fluffy seedheads we found on the way. First cut off the teasel stalk leaving a stem of about 5 to 6mm for the nose. Then trim off the long spiky bits around the stem with scissors. Make the bottom of the hedgehog flat by pruning the spikes with scissors, so it won’t roll over. Push a black-headed pin into the hollow part of the stem to make the nose. Pick two coloured pin heads and stick them above and to each side of the nose, to make the eyes. Then trim the spikes a little around the hedgehog’s face to make it smoother than its body. 

The children loved making hedgehog families: here you can see Grandma Ethel, Grandpa Frank, mum and dad Laura and Max, and babies Fred and Samantha.