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Spider's Webs

These are made of plastic glue, squirted out of a cold glue gun, so take about two minutes to create. Drape them around the house with plastic spiders, or use to jazz up the children’s trick or treat costumes. Tiny webs can be used as earrings – just add a loop at the top.

You’ll need:
A cold glue gun and glue sticks (from any craft store, about £7)
Greaseproof paper
Plastic spiders to dot around

Lay the greaseproof paper on a flat surface and, using the glue gun, draw three long lines of glue at 60 degrees to each other, crossing in the centre to make the six spokes of the spider’s web. Then fill in the web: starting in the middle, draw crescent-shaped lines between the spokes in rounds. Continue until the web is full. Leave for a few minutes until dry. Then gently lift the web off the paper – it’s ready to use.