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Christmas Teakettle

A guessing game – give it a Christmas or theme of your choice by choosing seasonal activities for your hidden word.

One person leaves the room and the rest choose an action word or phrase such as ‘dance’, 'chew' or for Christmas it could be ‘eat turkey’, 'receive a pair of home-knitted socks from Aunt Matilda' etc. The person comes back and has to guess the words by asking questions, substituting ‘teakettle’ for the verb or phrase.

For example, with ‘chew’:
1st Player: ‘Do you ever teakettle?’
2nd Player: ‘Hundreds of times a day.’
1st Player: ‘Would you die if you didn’t teakettle?”
3rd Player: ‘No, but mealtimes would have to be very mushy…’

Or, for 'receive a pair of handknittted socks from Aunt Matilda...'
1st Player: 'Do you like teakettling?'
2nd Player: 'Sometimes it itches a bit.'
1st Player: 'Can you stop it if you don't like it?'
3rd Player: 'No - it would just be too rude.'

And so on until the person guesses the words.