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Decorated Wax Candles

These decorated candles are really easy for young children to make and make good Christmas gifts for teachers or relatives.

You’ll need:
Candles of your choice – plain white household candles will do
Decorating wax sheets – try craft shops or Myriad
Small cutters, moons, stars, etc

Work in a warm room, and if the wax is too cold to work, warm near a radiator or with a hair-dryer.
Using the cutters, cut out a variety of shapes – stars, moons, etc. (If the wax sticks to the cutter, gently poke out the shape with a pencil.) Press the warm shapes on to the candle. And that is it.
Alternatively, children can create their own scenes and pictures by moulding little pieces of wax in their hands then pressing them on to the candle.

Our Honeycomb Rolled Candles and Shrinkie Key Rings make good gifts too.