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Shrinkie Key Rings

As a kid, I used to heat’ n’ shrink crisp packets and make them into badges – Quavers were always the most successful. You can make key rings, badges, jewellery or fridge magnets using a bit of shrink plastic and the same method.

You’ll need:
Shrink plastic (available from craft shops)
Coloured pencils
A hole punch
Key ring, badge, magnet or jewellery fastenings

Heat the oven to 170 degrees C. Gas Mark 3 or as per the manufacturer’s instructions
Draw a picture on the rough side of the plastic. The picture will eventually become 7 times smaller so make sure you use bold colours. Cut out the picture leaving a border of ½ cm all around.
If you are planning on making a key ring make a hole in the top using a paper punch.
Place pictures on baking tray lined with foil. Put in the oven for a few minutes. The shrinkies are ready when the plastic has curled and twisted but then laid flat. Remove from oven. Take off the tray and place on a work surface. If they curl a bit at the edges, flatten while still hot with a book. (You can always reheat to make the shrinkies more pliable again if necessary.)
Attach a key ring, badge, jewellery or magnet backing to each shrinkie with glue.

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