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Easter Acrostics

A good fun pencil and paper game to kick off the Easter festivities.

Give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil. Pick an Easter word or phrase eg ‘bunny’, ‘chocolate’, ‘hot cross buns’. On their paper, everyone writes the word with the letters downward on one side, and upward on the other. Then they have to fill in the middle by finding words that start and end with the relevant letters. For example, with 'Bunny', the first word has to start with B and end with Y. You could use the words ‘buddy’ or ‘bryony’ - though you are not allowed to use the word ‘bunny’ again. The second word has to start with U and end with N. You could choose ‘union’, ‘unknown’ etc. We always allow proper names to be used - some of these letter combinations are very difficult otherwise. Allow ten minutes or so, depending on the length of the word.

At the end, everyone scores: they get five points per correct word, and ten points if their word has not been used by anyone else.