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Funny Egg Faces

Need something brilliant to do with the loads and loads of Easter eggs you've been given (before you eat them, that is)? Have a funny family faces competition... 

Give everyone in the family a big chocolate Easter egg and ask them to draw another family member’s face on it. You need some coloured icing pens and tubes (from supermarkets), different sugars (white, Demerara etc), and other decorations like chocolate drops or hundreds and thousands.
Put each egg into a small glass to keep it upright, then try to capture a likeness of a family member using the icing pens. You’ll need a steady hand to draw glasses, and long hair can be tricky – thick icing tubes work better than thin icing pens for this. Dip the icing into Demerara sugar for designer stubble or hundreds and thousands for a multi-coloured hair effect. It’s surprising how ‘like’ the person the results can be.