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Catch Quoits

A game that is very easy to make and a lot of fun to play.

You'll need:
1m of cotton rope 15mm thick
Carpet tape
1m of 10mm wooden dowel
2 wooden bell-shaped lightpull ends
2 x 200mm squares linen or cotton material
2m thin nylon twine
Wood glue

1 To make the quoits: Cut the rope into two 50mm lengths. Bind each end with some carpet tape then bind the two ends together using more carpet tape to make a circle. (Binding the ends separately first means the tape holds better.)
2 To make the sticks: Cut the doweling into two 50mm lengths. Sandpaper one end of each stick, if necessary, so that it will fit snugly into the end of the lightpull. Glue in place.
3 Place glue on the other end of the stick and tightly wrap around the cotton cloth. Using the twine, tie and wrap it around the cloth, starting at one end and leaving enough twine to tie off at the end, wrapping around several times, twisting to the bottom, wrapping around several times again then twisting back up forming X’s (see picture). Put a dab of glue on the knots to make them extra secure.
If you want to give the quoit set as a present then you could varnish the wood, but we didn’t bother. We just waited 12 mins for the glue to dry and then put them to use.

To play: You can either throw one quoit between you trying to catch it on the stick; or each person has a quoit which they throw simultaneously at each other. You could also have one person launching two quoits at the same time for the other person to catch – could be hard, we haven’t tried it yet.