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Make a Giant Bubble Wand

You can buy giant bubble wands but homemade ones produce bigger bubbles and are easy (and cheap) to make. You'll need to visit your local hardware shop to buy doweling and other bits and bobs.

You'll need:

500mm by 20mm doweling
1 eyelet
1 small screw
1,500mm braiding, 10mm width
1 ring, about 30mm in diameter (curtain or key ring)
1 nut or washer, M10 size

Adult supervision is needed.

1 Cut doweling to 500mm length and sand edges smooth.
2 With a bradel (or any sharp point), make a hole in one end of the doweling and in the side nearby.
3 Screw the eyelet into the end and a small screw into the side (this will stop the ring sliding off).
4 Attach one end of the braiding to the ring and slide on to the doweling. Tie the braid in a knot through the eyelet about 300mm along, pass the braid through the nut or washer (this weights the loop), and complete the loop by attaching the other end to the curtain ring.

Use the wand with the XXXtra Strong Bubble Mix and you'll soon be creating bubbles up to 2m long!