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Continental Drift
Rippingly Good Space Hopping
What's This?
Darn 'n' Dash
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Hare and Hounds
Up Jenkins!
Speed Scrabble
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Poppy People
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Fizzy Drink Splutter
One-Metre Safari
Fairy, Elf and Sylvanian Houses
Bubble Gum Competition
Build a Tea Kitchen
Whittle a Toasting Fork
Cream Chase and Shoot
Sprouting Bubbles
Milkmaid's Butter-Making
Flying Bubbles
Giant Bubbles
Make a Giant Bubble Wand
XXXtra Strong Bubble Mix
Whittle a Walking Stick
Bubble Walk

Flying Bubbles

It's quite magical watching a big bubble dance upwards in the sky, waiting to see how far it'll rise before it finally pops and showers the air with rainbow-coloured droplets.

Bubbles fly highest on an updraught and there's usually a good upward movement of air beside buildings or slopes. Using the Giant Bubble Wand and XXXtra Strong Bubble Mix, dip the wand in the mix, open the loop and gently slide closed once a medium-sized bubble has been made. Float the bubble into the updraught and watch it lift high into the sky.