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Elderflower Fizz

Elderflowers are everywhere in early June, and it's fun going on elderflower walks, picking the biggest and best from along the verges and river sides (take wellies or paddle). A walking stick is handy to pull down the high branches, but watch out for nettles below. This makes a fizzy elderflower champage.

2.25 litre /4pt water
1 kg sugar
3 chopped lemons
12 elderflower heads
2 tbsp white wine vinegar

Put all ingredients in a large, covered container and leave for 24 hours (you can leave the champagne outside on a hot day). Strain through muslin, and pour into strong glass bottles with a screw or metal flip-top lid. Keep for two weeks before serving.

Try our Elderflower Cordial too - it's deliciously refreshing on a hot summer day.