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Whittle a Toasting Fork

Kids enjoy whittling on a piece of wood, and even little ones can have a go (provided you show them how and stay close). All you need is a penknife and a shortish (50cm or so) stick of wood.

While you're out walking, find a fallen branch or stick that's not too old - the wood needs some flexibility and strength. Hold the stick at the top, put the other end on the ground, and start whittling with small strokes, with the blade of the knife facing down and away from you. 

For safety's sake, don't whittle with the stick between your legs but to one side of your body. Take all the bark off and smooth down any knots or rough edges. Make one end sharper - that's where you'll do your toasting. Take down to the fire and use to toast bread, dough balls, marshmallows or whatever else takes your fancy.

You can also try whittling a walking stick