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Using Up Excess Easter Eggs

Last year, a friend's twins were given 17 Easter eggs each while her older daughter got a comparatively modest 12 - which meant they had 46 chocolate eggs around the house. Here's some ideas to deplete the egg glut: make huge batches of Extra-Chocolatey Easter Muffins (just double/triple the chocolate in a muffin recipe), and donate the muffins as after-school treats to all your children's delighted friends.

Chocolate Crispies topped with sugar-coated eggs are another good bet - just melt chocolate and butter in 8:1 ratio and add cereal until you reach a good consistency. Try using bran flakes and All-Bran (a surprise hit with our kids) as well as rice or corn flakes: they give a chewier consistency and richer flavour.

ChocoFruit is a great kid-friendly pudding. Put a big plate of sliced fruit (strawberries, peaches and pineapple work well) in the middle of the table, with enough forks for all. Melt your excess chocolate, and serve in individual ramekins. Everyone dips in.