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Fruity Art

You can make fantastic animals out of summer fruits and vegetables. Think of an animal, then the fruit or veg that most resembles it (ie fluffy lamb = cauliflower), then start creating.

You’ll need:

Cocktail sticks
Pipe cleaners
Or wooden kebab sticks to hold the larger bits together
Paring knife for carving
Lots of different sized and coloured veg and fruit

Our duck had a cabbage body, a pear head, blueberry eyes, a carrot nose and a broccoli quiff.

The dinosaur had an avocado head, carrots for eyes, tail and legs, peppers for the body and triangular cucumber bits as spikes.

Try a hedgehog with green bean spikes, an aubergine armadillo with a baby corn tail, or a spaniel with floppy ears carved from his watermelon head.