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Face To Face

A Hallowe’en or party game that provokes massive giggling and is much harder than it looks. If you don’t want to use apples (which get bruised when you drop them) you can play with a small ball instead.

You’ll need:
A large apple or small tennis-sized soft ball (makes it easier for younger children)
Two willing volunteers who are about the same height

Stand the volunteers facing each other, with hands clasped behind their backs. Take the apple and place it between their foreheads. The aim is for the contestants to wriggle and jiggle it around so they end up facing away from each other with the apple held between the backs of their heads. They are not allowed to touch the apple with their hands, and if it falls to the ground, they have to start again.

It's incredibly difficult and there are two schools of thought about how best to approach it. The kids do it really fast, both swirling round at the same time, but the risk of dropping the apple is very high. Grown-ups tend to do it more slowly, inching their way round one by one with controlled movements.

If Face To Face proves too hard, you can always do the Passing The Apple Under The Neck game. One person positions an apple under their chin, and they have to pass it to under the chin of the next person down the line, and so on, with no hands allowed. A good game to kick off a Hallowe'en party.