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Blind Dominoes

An easy, enjoyable family game to play with young children from the age of about four up. We always used to play this with the kids in the pub garden while waiting for Sunday lunch.

Divide up the dominoes equally between all the players. Everyone lays out their dominoes face down in a row in front of them. The youngest person starts by picking a domino from the right-hand end of their row, and laying it in the middle of the table. Going round clockwise, the next person takes a domino from the right-hand end of their row. If they can match it to the one in the centre, they place it there. If not, they place it face down on the left-hand side of their row. Play continues clockwise until the first person gets rid of all their dominoes to win. The rest of the players can continue playing until they go out, or stop and add up the total number of dots on their dominoes, to try and get the lowest score.