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Up Jenkins!

A good-value traditional game which provokes sheer laugh-out-loud hilarity.

You’ll need:
Two teams on opposite sides of a table
A tiny coin (old sixpences are good, or try a stone for little fingers)

One team puts their hands below the table, passing the coin between themselves until someone hides it in their hand (usually in the fold of skin between thumb and forefinger). When everyone’s ready, the other team shouts ‘Up Jenkins’ and the coin-team have to raise their hands in the air, fingers clenched, palms facing their opponents.
Then the other team asks them to perform various actions such as ‘Crabs’ (crawl fingers across table), ‘Windscreen Wipers’ (wave hands from side to side), and ‘Grand Slam’ (bang hands on table hard – often the tinny sound of the coin gives the game away here). The aim is to find out who’s holding the coin, but what makes it fun is when the other coin team members bluff and decoy to prevent detection.