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Twirl the Trencher

A simple old-fashioned children's game that was traditionally played on Christmas Day.

You'll need:
A wooden trencher or large plate (that won't break when you spin it)
Some written forfeits
Four or more players

You can play this on carpet, but the trencher spins much faster on wooden floors.
First everyone writes out at least two forfeits each - for example, 'Drink a glass of water from the back of the glass', 'Make up a limerick about Lucy', 'Stand on one leg for 60 seconds...' etc. Fold the forfeits and put them in a pile.
Meanwhile, everyone sits on the floor in a large circle. One person is chosen to twirl the trencher in the middle of the circle. As they do so, they shout out the name of another player. That person then has to jump up and grab the trencher before it falls to the ground, calling out the name of the next person to catch it, and so on. If it drops to the ground before the person has caught it, they have to perform a forfeit taken from the pile.
The game continues in this way until all the forfeits are gone...