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Christmas Consequences

A good game to play after Christmas lunch, when you need a quiet sit down but still want to do something seasonal together.

This is a mix of ‘Consequences’ and ‘Chinese Whispers’ but with Christmas-themed words and pictures.
Everyone sits in a ring. Take one piece of paper, and choose someone to write down something funny that’s happened on the particular Christmas day you’re playing. For example, ‘lumpy gravy’ or ‘I got the same present three times’.
This person then passes the piece of paper to the next person in the ring. The second person has to draw what’s written on the paper eg a pile of ‘lumpy custard’. They then fold the paper over so the third person can see only their drawing and not the written words. This person then has to write in words what they think the drawing represents. They fold the paper over to cover the drawing, leaving only their words showing, and pass it to the next person.
They have to draw what they think the words represent, fold it over and pass their drawing on to the next person…and so on until everyone has had a go.
The last person reads it out and shows it round – and it’s usually very funny indeed…