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Old-fashioned Crêpe Paper Chains

I remember making these as a kid; it took ages but there was a real buzz of achievement once we’d criss-crossed the long chains over the rafters. Today they look as quaint and festive as ever and make a great Christmas project for the family to do together.

You’ll need:

Lengths of crêpe paper 5cm wide and as long as you can make them



Take 2 different coloured lengths of crêpe paper and attach the ends together, using Sellotape, at right angles (see picture above).

Take one end of crêpe paper and fold it over the other, then take the other and fold it over the first.

Carry on in this way until you get to the end of the lengths of crepe paper.

Secure the ends with Sellotape and unfold. Make as many chains as are needed to stretch across your room and attach them together with Sellotape.

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