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Stick & Bottle

This is harder than it looks! The idea is to get the stick into the bottle using only the loop of the string to twitch it into place. You can have speed races – line up a few bottles and everyone can have a go at the same time. A good game to play at summer garden fetes.

You’ll need:
50cm – 100cm length of string
Piece of doweling or bamboo cane 90cm long
1 large milk or other glass bottle

Tie one end of the string exactly half way up the doweling or cane. On the other end of the string, tie a loop small enough to fit a person’s finger (you might need to adjust the length of string depending on how tall each player is). Tighten the loop comfortably round the player’s index finger.
Place the milk bottle three paces away. Then time how long it takes the player to move towards the bottle (which sets the string swinging), then gingerly negotiate the end of the stick into the bottle. Players are not allowed to touch the stick or the length of the string – they have to control everything from the loop round their finger. It can take ages and intense concentration!