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Trick or Treating Spiders

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27th Nov 2007 Dambuster Thank you so much for all the inspiration - we had a wonderful Halloween party using lots of your ideas. The spider's web pizza was a great hit, and so were the sweety spiders - we gave one to each of the guests as a going home present, along with a toffee apple.

30th Oct 2007 Kate Bee You guys are so clever with you creative play and ideas for your children - I'm so inspired! I can learn so much from you all - keep up the brilliant posts!

29th Oct 2007 Tamsin Hi Kate It is amazing how much puree you can make from one Pumpkin. If you look under 'Hallowe'en Fun with Pumpkin' we tell you how to roast the seeds - easy and are great for nibbling on. With the rest of the puree you could make the 'Roasted Pumpkin Soup' (Look in Kitchen, Snacks and light Meals). You could also try these Pumpkin Fritters which are a nice after school snack or a warming breakfast. Take - 3 eggs, separated - 1/2 teaspoon of salt - 2 tablespoons of flour - 250ml pumpkin puree - Oil for frying pan. Mix together egg yolks, salt, flour and pumpkin. Beat egg whites until stiff and fold gently into the mixture. Drop tablespoons of the batter into an oiled frying pan and cook until golden brown on one side. Turn and fry on the other side. Serve with Maple Syrup or Honey. Hope you like them and that it helps you get through your mountain of puree.

29th Oct 2007 Tamsin Hi Josie Don't worry about the colour or the length of pipecleaners - spooky spiders come in many shapes and sizes. If they are very long then just cut them in 1/2 and have slightly shorter legs. I bought some today and came away with a whole pile of purple and lilac pipcleaners instead of the red and black I had gone in for because the shop assistant said she had a whole lot she wanted to get rid of and if I bought quite a few she would reduce the price by even more. Never one to miss a bargin I took up her challenge. I am sure that lilac and purple spiders are just as scary as black! Hope yours work out.

29th Oct 2007 Josie I'm struggling to find bog-standard pipe cleaners let alone black ones! I'm happy to settle for any colour now but can only find mega long super fluffy twisty ones - any suggestions?

29th Oct 2007 Candy I love the meringue banshees! They look yummy! It is a brilliant idea to make cakes for halloween! We usually give sweets, but this year I'm going to make these meringue banshees, the bug eyed spiders and of course the sweetie & teacake spider. when i first went trick or treating, we lived in Ireland. We did the normal 'Trick or treat!' routine. guising looks very fun, why did you have to perform though? Or was it traditional........

29th Oct 2007 Kate We made a pumpkin lantern yesterday and then the fabulous pumpkin and orange muffins - yum. Got lots of pumpkin puree and seeds left over - any suggestions?

26th Oct 2007 Josie Fantastic! Some ideas for this weekend which is to be truly halloween focussed with making a bat and a pumpkin costume on the agenda (no picking up a costume from Sainsburys for me although that is probably what my girls wish for!). I'd forgotten all about toffee apples so it's great to have the recipe to hand and might even get my eldest daughter to eat an apple. The ghosty meringues are good too although the guisers will have to do a pretty good job to impress me enough to part with a hand made treat! Just watch me reach for the chocolate pumpkins (from Sainsburys haloween section!) already purchased for the job! Is that really mean?!

26th Oct 2007 swede We in Sweden haven't really celebrated Halloween the way you Brits and Americans do until recently (we celebrate the All Saints Day instead). Halloween seemed to be an excuse for shops to sell Alla Helgons Dag masks and costumes and ready-made sweets and food - until now. Your blog has made me realise how much fun it can be and also how dleicious, so thank you. We'll be trying some of the spider cakes. You English and your spiders!

26th Oct 2007 Nicky Seeing your teacake spiders has reminded me how much I used to enjoy teacakes as a child. Gary Rhodes has created a famous giant jaffa cake pudding - would it be possible to make a giant teacake dessert - biscuity base, layer of jam,then marshmallow and covered with milk chocolate. I can't quite imagine how to do it (and I can quite see that many people would say why would you want to) Any ideas?

26th Oct 2007 Jojo Fantastic scrummy hallowe'en treat ideas - and really easy to make. We've tried to make witchy fingers with chocolate finger rolls and ghouly coloured icing too. I grew up in Scotland too and I can remember practising our poem or song for weeks before going round the houses and performing our bit - it made it great fun and we really earned those satsumas, nuts and quality street!

26th Oct 2007 star Spooky all of the spiders and ghouls look yummy but scary. I love chocolate and meringue. I wil be going trick or treating and I will hopefully get a SPIDER

26th Oct 2007 Koala bear All of this sounds great i really want to do some of this stuff all the cakes sound brilliant and so does the new way of trick a treating. & the ghost sound scary and yummy

26th Oct 2007 Angel Wow these look great! When I go trick or treating, I usually get sweets, but these cool spiders look really yummy, It certainly would be a treat to get one of these!

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